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  • nathan petrelli — son, father, brother, hero 

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  • heroesconfessionsblog:

    I feel like the writers lost track of Sylar’s character and screwed him up :/

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  • tracy-strauss:

    TV MEME | [1/5 Female Characters] » Tracy Strauss (Heroes)

    "Great. I panic attack with powers."

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  • whyisit-always-me:

    Heroes | World on Fire.
    My first ever video!

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  • And now you know everything there is to know about me. I don’t have the luxury of being more interesting than that. 

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  • sylar + color palette

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  • kiriamaya:



    "cut out all negative people in your life, do it now"

    you know that’s not an option for everyone, that people are more complicated and come attached with strings

    Fucking seriously.

    Or my favorite, “yell at your friends whenever they say something sexist/ableist/etc.!” Uhhh not everyone has the, dare I say it, privilege to be able to annihilate their entire support structure and start fresh.


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  • jaimelannister:

    FANGIRL CHALLENGE | Male characters (2/10) | Sam Winchester (supernatural)

    I just… I wanted to believe, so badly. It’s so damn hard to do this, what we do. All alone, you know? There’s so much evil out there in the world, Dean, I feel like I could drown in it. And when I think about my destiny, when I think about how I could end up… And I needed to think that there was something else watching too, you know? Some higher power. Some greater good. And that maybe… Maybe I could be saved.

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  • miniaturewhiski:

    y’all getting really specific like “where are all the indie boys with messy shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes who are between 6’ and 6’4 whose favourite vampire weekend album is contra but knows mvotc is their best album and drinks their coffee black with 3.2 sugars and smokes cheap cigarettes on a balcony at 2:23 am” like….. chill

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  • they’re here. among us. in the shadows. in the light. everywhere. do they even know yet?

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